What can’t Hannah Yeoh do? She became a newscaster for a night

ONE of the most popular ministers in the current cabinet of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Hannah Yeoh, shows no limits with her skills.

Last night, she was “working” as a newscaster on RTM and will repeat the same feat tonight.

Indeed, the internet was in awe of her performance during the night show.

She is known for being very hardworking and has since her appointment done many things for the youth and sports community in Malaysia, despite a hiccup with the Visit Church programme that went out of control.

Hannah announced in a social media posting that she will be posing as a newscaster on RTM.

“Working as a newscaster has always been my dream ever since I was in school. In conjunction with RTM’s 77th anniversary, I will be reading the sports news,” she said.

And she did. Hannah’s segment was at 8.20pm on RTM 1, Berita Perdana. She spoke in the new sports segment, Stadium RTM.

She thanked RTM for giving her the chance to be the first presenter for the brand-new segment.

In the 20-second-long video posted on her page, she shows what to expect, and many netizens are excited to watch her act as a newscaster.

Many of the users showed love for the minister, for her various skills and for the fact that she still has a youthful look though she is at the forefront of the political battle.

A Facebook user, commenting on Hannah’s post, said:

Generally, the user is saying the minister is capable with a lot of skills, adding that it is great that it was not an April fool’s joke since the minister’s first intervention on RTM was yesterday (April 1) night.

Malaysian Yoga Sports Association – MYSA  also commented on the post saying:

For some, it was a family affair over the dinner table.

Moreover, Teh Cheng Lee said:

Meanwhile, another user Mahendran King wrote: — April 2, 2023


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