What will Malaysia do now that Jho Low is said to be in Taiwan?

BILLION Dollar Whale author Tom Wright, who is also among those credited as the first to report on the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) scandal has revealed today that Low Taek Jho (Jho Low) appears to be conducting business from Taiwan.  

“Malaysians! Is the new government doing anything about this? New evidence Jho Low in Taiwan,” he tweeted earlier today in response to a short clip by Project Brazen revealing the alleged whereabout of the 1MDB mastermind. 

Project Brazen, founded by Wright and Bradley Hope, is a multi-platform journalism studio that will uncover global true stories from the world of entertainment, business, crime and international politics via podcasts, books, documentaries, television series and films. 

In its latest podcast, Wright and Hope discussed China’s alleged role in sheltering the Malaysian fugitive and shared new evidence that Low might still be doing business out of Taiwan.  

In addition to a valid US arrest warrant, Jho Low is the subject of two Interpol Red Notices issued by Malaysia in June 2018 and Singapore in 2016. Some reports say the red notices are not valid anymore and this is the reason he can move around, but this has not been confirmed. 

His passports, one he purchased from Cyprus and St. Kitts, as well as the one he holds from Malaysia, have all been cancelled, but it appears that nothing has affected his mobility. 

Jho Low, wanted in Malaysia in connection with the 1MDB scandal, was able to leave Hong Kong in July 2018 before a Malaysian police team sent there could locate him, according to PDRM. 

Responding to Wright’s tweet, a number of netizens had expressed doubt that the Government will launch a hunt for the elusive businessman. 

User @Mkrz29, for instance, remain unconvinced that the newly-established Pakatan Harapan (PH) government will pursue Low “for now”.  

Echoing @Mkrz29, user @junn0509 said: 

User @syaz4u, meanwhile, drew comparison to how Defence Minister Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan had recently said that there is no need to send too many people to jail and that the authorities should focus on what needs to be done instead.  

“Jho Low is a thing of the past. Pursuing him is no longer a priority (or never) as they want to focus on [the future] of rebuilding the country,” she tweeted in response to Wright. – Dec 15, 2022 


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