Why are the T20 being ostracised from society?

Letter to editor

KILLING the goose that lays the golden egg is how I would describe the treatment accorded by the government to those in the T20 group.

Many of us in the T20 group today feel the government is choking, strangling and killing us to pay more taxes, yet denying us everything else.

Instead of treating those in the T20 group so unfairly, the ultimate goal for the government should be to focus on creating an equitable, fair tax system that supports economic growth and benefits all members of society.

This should be regardless of their wealth or income. Are those in the T20 group any less Malaysians than others?

Our government should work towards striking a fair balance and not issue a blanket withdrawal of all subsidies for those in the T20.

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It must consider the potential economic impacts of raising taxes on the rich and denying them government subsidies while ensuring everyone pays their fair share.

Earning RM12,000 in the Klang Valley and supporting three children is not as easy as many would perceive it to me.

For one, making a RM12,000 household monthly income requires both parents to work, hence this would mean someone has to care for the kids while the parents are at work.

So, taking into account tuition, day care, transport, among others, RM12,000 does not go as long way as many would think.

In fact, denying the T20 group government subsidies may just be more counter-productive.  Policymakers need to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of different approaches and consider the potential consequences of their decisions.

The administrators must understand that gross household income is certainly not an accurate reflection of financial means as this boils down to where people live and how many dependents and commitments they have.

For example, a RM12,000 monthly family income with three school-going children in the Klang Valley could not be considered on the same level as a family living in Kangar, Perlis where the cost of living is much lower.

To us in the T20 group – in all honesty – this is absolute abuse by a government that seems to have no idea how to generate income.

Instead of burdening just about 20% of the national population, the government should look into ways to improve revenue by empowering the export-import sectors as well as ensuring that existing subsidies were not prone to leakages.

They can also reduce or do away with any one-off subsidies and instead, lean towards programmes that allow those in the low-income group to bolster their own economy.

Teach those in the lower income groups to fish instead of giving them the fish! By imposing all kinds of burdens and restrictions on us in the T20 group, it makes us feel like we are being ostracised from society. – June 20, 2023


Khairul Nizam Ziauddin
Nilai, Negri Sembilan

The views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Focus Malaysia.

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