“Why close polling centres early?”: Lady berates EC officials in a viral video

WITH the Johor state election nearing to a close, a video is going viral on social media showing an Indian lady venting out against Elections Commission (EC) officers for closing polling station way too early.

In the 45-seconds video, the lady is seen berating the authorities in Malay for closing the polling booth sooner without informing voters.

“Did you tell voters which centres would close earlier? You never told us that polling centres would close by 2pm.

“Hasn’t it occurred to you that some people might be working until 3pm? These people are menial workers and they won’t know about this as they won’t have smart phones to check.

“What about their rights as voters?” she queried.

At the background, a man can be heard accusing polling workers as “liars”.

The lady then responded in English by saying: “Sometimes you have to fight this. You have to wait until you get all the people to vote.”

While it seemed the incident had took place in Johor, it is not clear which polling centre the incident had occurred.

After the video went viral, several netizens urged the EC to explain the matter to the public as soon as possible.

Echoing his sentiments, user Stop Platforming Convict Najib added:

(What is this, EC? Don’t play dirty)

Netizen Hang Lekiu@Palestine retorted:

(I’m prepared to use cuss words here. What is this, EC? You want to get punished in the Hereafter?)

Why the hurry?

Earlier, Malaysiakini reported DAP leader M Kanan as questioning the EC’s decision to close several polling centres in Johor earlier, citing low turnout.

Kanan, who is a contesting for the Bekok state seat, confirmed that at least three polling centres were closed at 2pm while one was closed at 4pm.

“I am shocked by the EC’s decision to close the voting centres earlier because of a low number of voters. What is the rationale behind the EC’s decision?

“They should open all voting centres until 6pm to uphold the rights of voters who have yet to come out to vote. What if a voter who is working today may come to vote in the evening?” he was reported as asking.

According to the same report, the three polling centres that were closed at 2pm were in PDM Ladang Kempas, Ladang Getah Eldred Bekok and Kampong Jawa Chaah, while PDM Chaah Timur was closed at 4pm. – March 12, 2022

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