“Wildlife invasion incoming!”: Netizens raise concern about influx of crocodile sightings

WITH the country experiencing the monsoon season with heavy downpours and flash floods, it is unsurprising to learn that there is also an influx of crocodiles and snakes, as evident by a massive crocodile that made its appearance in Kuantan recently.

A video of a crocodile in the middle of a road in muddy waters in Kuantan was uploaded on Twitter by user @jllmisai who noted, “Buaya besar muncul atas jalan raya di Jalan Air Hitam Seri Damai, Kuantan (Big crocodile makes appearance on the road at Jalan Air Hitam in Seri Damai, Kuantan)”.

The post received over 12,000 retweets and 17,900 likes.

In response, user @Wistletxe said, “For people with bad eyesight like me, I wouldn’t know it’s a crocodile until I get bitten.”

In jest, user @PuteraRayyanMAX said:

(Crocodile: Why are you recording me? I’m just trying to go mollify my girlfriend. Adoi, I hate this la)

User @me_Fara_G, meanwhile asked, “buaya sungai pahang tak baham manusia kan? macam pernah baca cerita ni” (Crocodiles in Sungai Pahang don’t eat humans, right? I think I read about this somewhere”).

In response to the user, @XsetTopX suggested, “Nak tau try pergi salam dgn dia bang” (If you want to know, try shaking hands with it).

While the aforementioned tweets had left people in stitches, they also raised concern among netizens about the increased sightings of these reptiles close to populated areas.

On the crocodile sighting in Kuantan, Pulau Manis assemblyman Rafiq Khan Ahmad Khan was reported as saying by Sinar Harian that there is a crocodile habitat in the area.

“So every time it rains and the water overflows onto the road, the crocodiles often surface,” he told the Malay news portal.

Rafiq Khan advised the public to avoid the route and for parents to ensure that their children do not play in the water there.

In addition to the recent sighting of a crocodile in Kuantan, recall that on Saturday (Dec 10), dozens of crocodiles were sighted across Sabah, creating alarm among the local residents as stretched wildlife rangers have roped in villagers and police personnel to help the hunt for the creatures.

(Pic credit: The Star)

Sabah Wildlife Department director Augustine Tuuga said that there were 29 sightings in various areas of the east coast Lahad Datu district, at least six in Kota Kinabalu, three in Sandakan and at least one in Tawau.

Crocodiles were also spotted at both the popular family outing spot along Likas Bay beach, as well as the flood mitigation pond in the same area along the Likas Bay road. – Dec 13, 2022

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