Wok-wielding fashionista gets thumbs up for going the extra mile

THE FnB (food and beverage) industry is highly competitive whether as a full-fledged restaurant in an upmarket setting or as a hawker selling street food.

So how does one rise above the crowd?

A fried rice and noodle seller who is known as ‘Fried Noodle Sister’ on Facebook has been getting a lot of praise – and gotten netizens’ tongues wagging – not only for her wok skills but also her sense of fashion.

Videos of her stir-frying noodles over hot flames whilst impeccably dressed has earned her a loyal following online with many professing admiration both for the young lady’s cooking skills as well as her sense of style.

Some even suggested she was in the wrong line.

Needless to say, there were more than a few who seemed more than smitten by this wok-wielding fashionista.

Judging from the surrounding sign boards, it appears Fried Noodle Sister is based in China. Given the many positive responses, one wonders when some local noodle vendors here will follow suit.

Why not? Anything that isn’t illegal to get business booming is always welcome. If anything, it adds a touch of glamour to the mundane. As Fried Noodle Sister herself proclaims, “It makes ordinary work full of fun.” – Jan 8, 2024

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