Woman found encased in cement in Klang is an Indian national

SELANGOR police chief Comm Datuk Hussein Omar Khan revealed that the woman discovered encased in cement in a bathroom in Kampung Pendamar, Klang is of Indian nationality.Hussein added that the victim was in her 30s and 160cm tall.“We are getting further details from the Indian Embassy and will contact the victim’s family. She was the girlfriend of a man, who was the previous tenant of the house,” The Star quoted him as saying. Hussein also stated that the main suspect is also an Indian national, who is one of the two suspects wanted by police for the murder investigation.The postmortem of the woman showed that she died from compression to the neck.The police further added that they had positively identified the main suspects. They are known as Ranjit Singh and Mandeep Singh and are identified as tenants of the house.Moreover, the police are seeking the assistance of the Indian Embassy and Indian police to track down and arrest the suspects.

The story of a woman found in the bathroom under a pile of cement went viral last week when the body was discovered at about 10.58pm on Sunday (Dec 3) by a foreign man who was assigned to conduct repairs on the home.The house owner hired foreign workers to fix the house’s roof last month but they informed the owner that there was a body in the water tub encased in cement. The owner then alerted the police.News reports said the owner had leased the house to two foreign individuals from August 2019 to October 2021.Before renting, he noticed a section of the bathroom wall was cemented. Inquiring about it, the tenants claimed water from decaying rats in the wall leaked into the tub, leading them to cement and conceal it.Without suspicion, he subsequently rented it to new tenants. – Dec 9, 2023Main photo credit: The Star

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