Ladies flabbergasted why some men refuse to accept RM500 to shave whiskers in infomercial

AN infomercial for a popular electric shaver shows random men purportedly turning down RM500 to shave their whiskers has attracted a fair few comments on social media.

The clip was shared on X (formerly Twitter) by user @sofeachipscake who hilariously commented that she would have taken a far lesser amount to shave her misai (moustache) (note poster is a ‘she’).

Whether staged or not, the shared clip has generated 353,000 views at the time of writing while eliciting a tonne of responses, many reflecting Malaysian attitudes towards cold hard cash vs vanity.

Some hilariously noted that it was a good offer spurned given that many of the men in the video only sported the barest of facial hair.

But another humorously countered this by implying that some respondents in the video may have been lovingly cultivating the tiny patch of hair for years, making it too precious to discard.

While another said perhaps it was the presence of the spouse next to the men that prevented them from accepting the offer.

Some said it was no biggie as the facial hair would have grown back in a week or less, indicating they believe that some of those men should have accepted the very generous offer.

Some even said they would go full ‘Kojak’ for cash.

With some cheekily saying they would do it for a higher offer.

Some netizens said it was a matter of principle and not everything should be up for sale – something that women cannot relate to.

However, quite a few postulated that some of the refusals were down to religious reasons, pointing to Islamic custom for beards.

Whatever the motivation, the comments certainly reflected a difference in attitudes. One netizen though asked how come such an opportunity at a windfall never happened to him.

All said and done, it was a simple and effective marketing effort from the shaver’s manufacturer to get eyeballs and netizens talking about its product. – April 12, 2024

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