Works Minister addresses concerns over MLFF project, affirms existing toll collection rights

WORKS Minister Datuk Seri Alexander Nanta Linggi has affirmed that existing concessionaires will retain the right to collect toll despite recent developments in the Multi-Lane Free Flow (MLFF) project.

The assurance comes following reports of a private company allegedly linked to YTL Corporation Bhd, securing the RM3.46 bil MLFF project for all highways in Malaysia.

“Based on this, my team and I at the ministry are working to ensure the smoothness of the MLFF initiative so that it can fulfil the expected objectives,” Nanta penned in a Facebook post.

“This initiative requires comprehensive cooperation and support, not only from the works ministry, but also from the concessionaires and the highest management of the unity government.”

Moreover, Nanta revealed that his ministry and the Malaysian Highway Authority have been thoroughly reviewing the MLFF project’s implementation.

“Although the planning and initial approval processes have been underway since 2021, as the current works minister, I realised the need for further studies and improvement actions, especially those involving legal aspects, to ensure the smooth implementation of MLFF and its benefits to the people.”

The controversy emerged after a report by news portal FreeMalaysiaToday highlighted objections from 32 highway toll concessionaires who protested the government’s direct award of the MLFF project without consulting them.

Under the MLFF system, all exit and entry points on highways will be converted into barrier-free lanes to reduce congestion and ease traffic flow.

Sources indicated that an “appointment agreement” was signed with a YTL Corporation Bhd-linked company on Nov 17, prompting allegations of a violation of individual agreements between the concessionaires and the government.

Furthermore, the Association of Highway Concessionaires Malaysia reportedly sent an objection letter to the Works Ministry, expressing concern over the lack of consultation and the potential financial burden on concessionaires.

The association is said to be seeking legal advice on the matter, as the government proposes a 20-year concession to KJS-SEP Synergy (M) Sdn Bhd, the company awarded the MLFF project. – Dec 7, 2023


Main photo credit: eCentral

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