X users claim some refuse to boycott Mountain Dew because of ‘ketum’

THE status of “ketum” in Malaysia is a peculiar and contentious issue. Some consider it forbidden to consume, while others continue to do so. Now, X users are arguing that some in Malaysia are not able to boycott drinks like Mountain Dew because they are used to mixing it with “ketum”.

The legal situation surrounding “ketum” has been a subject of debate, with the act of harvesting it being legal but selling it not.

It’s worth noting that while “ketum” has been used traditionally, it is a controversial substance and its safety and potential for abuse have raised concerns.Reports mention an incident a few years ago when police arrested seven men in their 30s for consuming “ketum” juice during a Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration in Kampung Tempoyak.Acting on a tip-off, officers raided the house at 11pm, resulting in the individuals receiving RM5,000 fines for violating Movement Control Order regulations and being detained for “ketum” consumption, which is against the Poisons Act 1952.Now X users are mocking those who claim to be ultra-supporters of Palestine but are allegedly unable to boycott Mountain Dew.

(The most challenging thing to boycott is “Mountain Dew,” especially the grape flavour… those who know, knows.)The discussion of the ketum substance mixed with the drink is rather intense in the comments section.

(I acknowledge this because many friends around me really enjoy this drink. But they would openly make anti-semitic remarks too… all while they smoke cigarettes hahaha.)

(Exactly. Don’t go buying Mountain Dew Purple at 2am from 7-Eleven. You’ll definitely get some stares 🤣.) – Nov 5, 2023

Main photo credit: Bernama

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