Zahid: It’s Bersatu which is instrumental in breaking Muslim ‘ummah’

UMNO president Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has denied as “completely untrue” allegations that the party’s rejection of cooperation with Bersatu is tantamount to dividing the ummah (Muslim community).

Not only that UMNO itself supports the unification of the ummah, he said such agenda is officially embedded in the party’s constitution for the sake of religion, race and country.

“Beyond that, it is harmonised in the bigger scheme of things under Barisan Nasional (BN),” clarified the Bagan Datuk MP who is also the BN chairman in a recent Facebook post.

“UMNO, MCA, MIC, PBRS (Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah) and ‘Friends of BN’ agree on the principle of mutual respect among Malaysians of all backgrounds. This is the solid foundation that has fostered the stability and prosperity of Malaysia all this time.”

Delving further into the matter, Zahid said UMNO refused to cooperate with Bersatu in order “to avoid great harm” considering that the latter is a party that was established with the aim of bringing an end to UMNO and BN.

“What is the rationale of UMNO being pushed to one corner and told to be with a silent enemy?” he asked. “In fact, the decision reached by UMNO to go separate ways is not individual in nature but reached mutually by the leadership and the party’s grassroots.”

Touching on details of the divisiveness of the ummah based on real facts and history, Zahid contended that cracks began to appear following the existence of splinter parties that stem from greed for power.

“Starting with PKR, the subsequent existence of Bersatu, Amanah and Pejuang catalysed further division,” he observed. “Their leaders have even colluded with DAP which they themselves labelled as not in line with the Malays. They volunteer themselves as tool to divide the Muslim community in order to fulfil personal wishes and ambitions.”

Fast forward to today, Zahid said UMNO remains its old self alongside BN to form a coalition of people of multiple races and religion.

“(UMNO) has never divided the Muslim ummah, also never demolish the unity of the Malaysian race,” he insisted.

“Therefore, in the 15th General Election (GE15), voters must be daring enough to evaluate the meaning of stability and prosperity in making their choices. Don’t be confused in your decision making because the unification of the ummah and Malaysians is now in your hands.” – Oct 19, 2022

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