Zaid Ibrahim ‘kena goreng’ on Twitter for his comment on Najib’s SRC appeal loss

A FORMER minister in the prime minister’s department for legal affairs and judicial reform who hopped parties over the years, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim is known for getting fried on Twitter for his silly comments.

However this time around, its extreme ‘goreng’ from Twitter users who poked fun at the controversial lawyer.

On April 1, Zaid commented:

He may be wishing it was an April Fool’s post after reading the comments from users and followers on Twitter.

What a pity for a person who was handling legal affairs and judicial reform in the PM’s department.

Picking one judge’s comment against 4 is like vehemently arguing that Liverpool scored a goal despite losing 4-1 to Manchester City.

Nevertheless, user @rasli79 wrote:

The user told Zaid others were sleeping and snoring during the night after the axe fell on Najib in the appeals court.

Another user @lfc_eddie was pitiless:

Meanwhile, user @sunj_v said:

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