After slamming KTMB for immoral Pinkfish Express, holy PAS caught unaware of Aloha Party at its backyard

AS PAS secretary-general Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan wished Buddhists “Happy Vesak” while paying tribute to Siddharta Gautama who is the founder of the faith, detractors of the Islamist party is chiding the Terengganu state government for “turning a blind eye” to the recent staging of Aloha Party at the Summer Bay Resort in Pulau Lang Tengah.

The backlash came after PAS information chief Ahmad Fadhli Shaari had lambasted national rail operator Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd Bhd (KTMB) for leasing its coaches to facilitate an entertainment party branded as Pinkfish Express which he claimed to have condone the culture of entertaining beyond limits.

Pro-Pakatan Harapan (PH) influencer CIKY🅰️NIE (@lady_bugg11) who exposed the staging of the deemed private party yesterday (May 21) took a jab at the PAS-ruled Terengganu state government for condoning the event organiser “to shamelessly advertise and promote activities that are immoral for Muslims”.

In a subsequent post, CIKY🅰️NIE further poked fun at the so-called “clean sweep 32-0 victory” by PAS in the Aug 12 six state elections last year by wondering why hasn’t “Islam been implemented fully in the state”.

“Where is the HUDUD law? HUDUD used to be our life in the past. Now?? But now BIKINI is allowed to be worn at all beaches in Terengganu,” claimed the staunch PH keyboard warrior. “HALAL because our clerics are full of lust. 👹”

In all fairness, however, the Terengganu state Tourism, Culture, Environment and Climate Change Committee chairman Datuk Razali Idris has been reported as saying that a probe would be conducted to determine if the organisers had violated local guidelines and whether the necessary permits were obtained.

“We will investigate this matter first, and if it is found that the organisers violated the rules or any law, then we will take action,” Utusan Malaysia cited the Bersatu information chief as saying.

“If there is proof that the event violated the law or that there were Muslims involved, please channel such information to the religious department for further investigation.”

According to social media postings, the Aloha Party featured several female DJs and a dance group. It was described as a celebration of “520”, an unofficial Valentine’s Day in China.

Elsewhere, fellow pro-PH influencer Amer Hamzah (@amer7211) teased the logic of PAS leadership of “prohibiting the leasing of train coaches” but “condoning the rental of an entire island”.

Another netizen who shared a TikTok video clip of the Aloha Party went on to nickname PAS as “Parti Aloha Summerbay”. – May 22, 2024

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