Anti-racism NGO rubbishes Awesome TV’s denial of racist intent in its news bulletin

KUALA LUMPUR-based non-governmental organisation (NGO), the Global Human Rights Federation (GHRF), is unconvinced with the statement of defence by broadcast station Awesome TV that its Berita 7:57 news content was only informative in nature to its target audience.

Its president S. Shashi Kumar said remarks made in the news bulletin “is obviously seditious and provocative” even as the station claimed that its intention was only to inform Malay voters that the new government may not be to their preference, hence affect their welfare if they do not vote.

“The report is to reinforce responsibilities among Malays that they need to exercise their rights as citizens and voters,” a spokesman of the station explained in a short statement made available to Malay Mail.

“Otherwise, a government not of their preference shall rule Malaysia to the detriment of their welfare. That is the premise of the news reporting and it is not racist in sentiment.”

Yesterday (Nov 6), outgoing Klang MP Charles Santiago has lambasted Awesome TV (which is also aired on Astro’s Channel 123) for what he described as a “racist to the core” and seemingly “fear mongering” 1:41 news clip on the 15th General Election (GE15).

Shashi who is unconvinced with Awesone TV’s clarification has urged the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to take immediate stern action against Awesome TV for its racist slur.

S. Shashi Kumar

“They can even claim that it’s (the news item) not racist in sentiment but that’s totally uttering rubbish,” he pointed out in a statement.

“Their remarks is obviously Seditious and provocative. Do I need to remind Awesome TV that Malaysia is a multiracial, multicultural and multi-religious country who has been co-existing peacefully and harmoniously?”

Too many racist acts lately

Elsewhere, Shashi also expressed his concern and disappointment that within the past week alone, many racist acts have taken place and “its worsening”. He listed three events:

  • Oct 27: University Kebangsaan Malaysia’s (UKM) convocation ceremony dress code guideline banned the donning of saree and cheongsam;
  • Oct 29: A staff of KPJ Klang Specialist Hospital seen on a TikTok video stepping, walking over and destroying a Deepavali kolam;
  • Nov 3: A 13-year-old Form 1 pupil was punished for wearing strap-on shoe to school (she was told to kneel on the tar road with her hands raised at the school assembly, had the holy string on her hand cut, and the pottu and vibhuti on her forehead washed

“Racism seems to have become a norm in Malaysia. Politicians seems to be busy talking about corruption in the nation but none talks about racism or fanaticism. I would like to remind, that Malaysia is part of UNHRC (United Nation Human Rights Council) since Oct 15, 2021, and to uphold the 30 Articles under UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) 1948,” lamented Shahsi.

“As GE15 is just a week away, we would want to see political leaders voice out and condemn racism and fanaticism which is growing in this nation.” – Nov 7, 2022

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