Anwar’s maiden ‘short-yet-sweet’ Christmas message as PM

MERRY Christmas to the Christian community (throughout Malaysia).

Christmas is a big day for Christians who celebrate it with their families and friends every year.

As a multi-racial and culturally diverse country, it has become a habit and an obligation for each of us to take this opportunity to strengthen friendship between the people by saying beautiful words to them.

Seeding and sowing a culture of unity does not rest entirely on the shoulders of the Government, but every citizen must play a powerful and continuous role in preserving peace, harmony and the spirit of unity.

Messages or calls that are tainted with hatred or attempt to inflame differences must be buried with an attitude of love and mercy.

May this year’s Christmas celebration be more merry and able to foster peace, harmony, prosperity and unity to our remarkable country and its justice-loving citizens.

To those returning to their hometowns, I call on them to be alert and careful on the road. – Dec 24, 2022

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