Artist’s impression of Kota Bahru International Airport elicits funny responses from netizens

AN artist’s impression of the Kota Bahru International Airport uploaded on the Anok Kelate Facebook forum has drawn plenty of responses. With a combined ‘likes’ and ‘laughs’ of over 10,000, the post has attracted over 2,000 comments, some of which are just too funny not to share.

Here are some samples:

A few netizens pointed to the more pressing need for a bus terminal instead of lofty ambitions for an international airport.

Some netizens were doubtful if this would ever come to fruition.

The grandeur of the illustration also saw some incredulous comments.

One netizen drew comparisons with UK’s northern outpost Newcastle which also had its own peculiar, indecipherable dialect.

The illustration also drew some sarcastic comments:

Whatever the source of the illustration may be, fact remains that the current Sultan Ismail Petra Airport is probably due an upgrade. According to Wikipedia:

“The present new terminal was officially opened in September 2002. The 12,000-sq metre airport terminal has three aircraft stands, three aerobridges and is able to handle maximum capacity 1.45 million passengers.

“The airport consists of nine check-in counters and offers flights between a total of seven domestic destinations from Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia, Firefly, MYAirline (now suspended indefinitely) and Batik Air (formely Malindo Air). In 2014, this made it the busiest airport in the East Coast.”

Perhaps it will become a reality once PAS succeeds in taking Putrajaya. Given its thumping win in the recent Kemaman by-election, that may not be too far away … – Dec 4, 2023

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