Atelier + LoSo suites, the perfect choice for a social space

TIM had just graduated from his business degree at SEGi University. But the 22-year-old KL native could not help feeling slightly disappointed at having missed out a large chunk of the student experience due to enforced campus closure during the pandemic.

Online classes were isolating and group projects felt lifeless without physical interactions with his course mates. This gave Tim an idea. He wanted to create a space for varsity students to gather, socialise and discuss group projects.

Many students live in cramped rented premises, and he knew they tend to rely on 24-hour mamak shops for their group discussions. He shared his vision of a student clubhouse with his former course mates, James and Tina.

They were very enthusiastic about the idea, acknowledging there was a growing trend for students to rent out co-sharing spaces.

Why not expand it into a well-equipped space for both study and leisure with discussion rooms, gaming facilities as well as a place for students to chill and unwind?

Tina who stays in Cyberjaya proposed the new Atelier + LoSo suites which she saw advertised at the nearby edusphere development.

Apart from having the University of Cyberjaya at its doorstep, it also has a number of other institutions such as Multimedia University and Lim Kok Wing University in the vicinity.

Given that Cyberjaya is a well-planned township and an IT hub to boot, the Atelier + LoSo suites has potential for a variety of commercial applications.

The fact that it is a development by a public listed entity, HCK Capital Group, also fills budding entrepreneurs with confidence.

A visit to the site and a quick chat with the sales rep indicated more competitive pricing for units without frontage.

Tim, James and Tina opted for one of these units, surmising that their business concept would rely on word-of-mouth and online presence for clientele rather than frontage.

All things considered, it was a great choice for entrepreneurs looking for a versatile space for their start-up business.

Be like Tim, James and Tina and check out edusphere: – Nov 14, 2023



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