Best practices for co-sharing offices

WITH remote working fast becoming the norm post-pandemic there has been a significant rise in demand for small office suites. While not working in a traditional office, many employees still want a separate space to maintain focus as well as give a semblance of professionalism, the latter factor especially important for the self-employed or small start-ups.  

Many are also co-sharing these small offices to make them more cost effective. Hence, it would be advisable to put in place some best practices for such an arrangement to work.  

Here are some basic tips: 

Santinise after yourself 

In the post-COVID 19 age, this should be SOP for office workers everywhere. This is pertinent in shared spaces such as the pantry and meeting rooms. Always have disinfectant spray bottles handily available for a quick wipe to create a hygienic and more comfortable environment. 

Manage noise pollution 

In a small office environment, noise doesn’t have to be extremely loud to create a distraction. Headphones should be compulsory and all meetings should be confined to meeting rooms. Unless it is a creative environment, most small offices will benefit from having a quiet ambience to facilitate their work day.  

Stay home if unwell 

When co-sharing small office suites, tenants have to be mindful they will be in close proximity to others. If a worker is having sneezing and coughing bouts, it is advisable for that employee to stay home. It makes no sense creating an uncomfortable environment for others as well as jeopardising the well-being of co-workers. 

Replenish supplies 

It may seem common courtesy but be mindful to re-stock on common items such as toilet rolls and washing liquids. To avoid unwanted awkwardness, draw up a simple re-supply schedule to ensure nothing ever runs out, or even low. Better yet, engage a maintenance and service provider to take care of this, allowing workers to focus on more important things.  

The New Duo lifestyle suite at edumetro, USJ1 offers two separate entrances allowing for greater flexibility and for separate tenants to have their own entrances. This creates the impression that each has their own office. Potential tenants have four layouts to choose from, with sizes ranging from 844-928sq ft, ideal for shared small offices and to put the above best practices into use. 

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