COVID-19 infection rate on a see-saw, going up and down

DESPITE being stuck in an extension of the full movement control order (FMCO), the number of new COVID-19 is still considerably high, coming in at 5,841 today, with Selangor being the highest contributing state (2,072).

Even the highest contributing state that followed is still within the 1,000 limit, falling on Negri Sembilan (781), Sarawak (581) and Kuala Lumpur (552).

Not only that, the number of deaths related to COVID-19 is also staggeringly high at 84 today (total 4,271).

The number of COVID-19 patients being admitted into intensive care units have not been improving either. Out of the 869 patients stuck in ICUs, 438 of them are in need of ventilator support.

As for recoveries, only 5,411 patients were managed to get discharged within the last 24 hours (650,954 in total). – June 24, 2021

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