Endah Parade accident: Micro-sleep or carelessness to blame?

A MOTORCYCLE accident involving a man and his child occurred around the area of Endah Parade, Sri Petaling earlier today. 

In a 21-second viral video of the accident, the child was seen not to be wearing a helmet.


Taking the matter to Twitter, user @lamzp_ condemned the father of the child:

(There’s nothing much I want to say but most parents these days ride their kids on motorcycles without helmets.)

Meanwhile, user @kadang2panas is concerned about whether the man went on microsleep.

(That’s micro-sleep. Take care of your health, guys; if you’re exhausted, take a break. Don’t endanger our family.)

However, user @fvhmxx chimed in to say:

(Rather than looking for faults, let’s pray for both of them to be in good condition.)

According to reports circulating online, the man and his child only suffered minor injuries. – Jan 18, 2023



Main photo credit: Twitter

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