Forget double-masking, straighten up your confusing SOPs first!

By Bernie Yeo


MANY experts have suggested double-masking to better protect against the more aggressive variants of the coronavirus. However, in Malaysia, there is no need to talk about wearing two masks when wearing one is simply enough – if you wear one properly, that is.

As the country nears the one-year mark of the movement control order (MCO), it is surprising – not to mention, disheartening – to see standard operating procedures (SOPs) being openly flouted, with plenty of renowned public figures still not wearing their face masks properly, if at all they are wearing them.

In fact, pictures of public figures who have gone around meeting people without face masks have led to public outcry of double standards being practiced by the Government.

But speaking of SOPs, consider the following situation:

SOP requires that you wear a face mask in public spaces, but you will still need to remove it to eat lunch at the restaurant. However, when you are speaking to a friend or addressing a crowd at the restaurant, do you put your mask back on?

Furthermore, if you do put your mask back on, are people around you still be required to keep their distance and adhere to social distancing regulations?

Strangely confusing, don’t you think?

Ambiguous SOPs and unclear guidelines remain bane in Malaysia these days, and as long as nobody steps up to clarify, what hopes do we have to completely return to normal any time soon?

And if we can’t even get our COVID-19 SOPs right, only Heaven knows what challenges we are going to face when the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme starts.

Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, over to you! – Feb 24, 2021


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