Four-year-old Chinese boy vows netizens with his fluent Tamil

HOT on the heels of Nik Eusoff Nik Nurfaqih, the pre-schooler who taught himself to read and write Tamil, is another youngster showing off his linguistic skills on social media.

Well, not quite showing off but a four-year-old Chinese boy known only as Kai Kai has been vowing netizens with his fluent Tamil in a TikTok video uploaded by his neighbour Kartik Suresh.

According to Kartik, his mother has been babysitting Kai Kai since he was a month old and the toddler is treated very much like a family member.

It is no surprise therefore that Kai Kai has picked up the Tamil language which he speaks with consummate ease as he playfully teases Kartik in the video.

The video which has already garnered over two million views and over a hundred thousand likes is indicative that many Malaysians are relishing positive instances such as this to reaffirm the beauty of multi-cultural Malaysia.

At a time when politicians are busy trying to create schisms in society with ‘us against them’ rhetoric, the videos showing youngsters like Kai Kai and Nik Eusoff Nik Nurfaqih embracing different languages is truly heart-warming.

With vernacular schools also constantly a hot topic, these kids are showing the value of being able to converse in various tongues that are not just their mother’s.

It truly highlights that these kids are being exposed to different cultures and languages, absorbing all that is good from being multi-lingual.

Let’s hope these videos will inspire more Malaysian parents to let their kids embrace multi-culturalism. Because that is what this country truly is – a melting pot of food, cultures and languages. – Sept 14, 2023


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