Going for a concert is now a moral dilemma according to a question in Malaysian school syllabus

IF ANYONE wants to know why more parents are opting for private education or the growing popularity of vernacular schools, a question posed in a national curriculum textbook should provide some inkling.

In a Form 4 Moral Education textbook, the question was posed bout attending a concert by foreign artistes.

Having been advised that the act promoted hedonistic values, you start to feel guilty but are torn about attending as you had forked out large sums of cash for the ticket. What should you do, asked the purposely leading query.

The offending question was shared by netizen Roger Ooi on the Malaysia Education Info (And Homeschooling too) Facebook page. Below are some of the reactions on the forum with more than a few highlighting that external factors will always be present.

More than one said they turned out alright despite having attended such gigs.

Quite a few rightly pointed out that many concerts have age limits and that children should be accompanied by adults.

Alas, upon finding out the meaning of ‘hedonism’ some netizens agreed with the sentiments behind the thinly veiled propaganda.

Thankfully, many thought otherwise. This netizen’s stinging response summed it quite nicely.

Or better yet.

While some correctly warned that certain words were being appropriated and misused for political mileage. ‘Meritocracy’ or ‘liberal’ anyone?

One netizen said the question was designed to discuss ‘hedonism’ but alas used concerts as an example.

Some said it was a matter of personal choice.

Luckily, there were enough mature netizens to highlight that there was nothing wrong in attending such concerts.

While some said they would advise against making general assumptions about such concerts.

Some queried whether it was an open-ended question whereby different answers were acceptable.

One netizen simply asked, “who are we to judge?” – one man’s meat might well be another’s poison.

Though their comments were plentiful – some of them highly amusing – many seem to miss the point that the question seems to be leading the pupil to form certain pre-conceptions.

That the wording seems to mirror those of a certain conservative political party makes it all the more alarming as such propaganda must be kept out of the education system.

One comment summed it up nice and neat, highlighting that those who do not wish to partake have no right to deny others the right to enjoy themselves at such gigs. – March 29, 2024


Main image credit: Malaysia Asia

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