Hanafiah Mat draws the ire of netizens over Menu Rahmah

WELFARE, Women’s Development, Family and National Unity of Terengganu state Exco Hanafiah Mat denied allegations that he disparaged the Menu Rahmah saying a video that went viral on Friday (March 3) was recorded when he was eating rice with a friend at a shop outside Terengganu, but it had nothing to do with the Menu Rahmah.

“What was shown in the video was my lunch menu when the dish consisted of a fish, two types of vegetables and a fried egg without gravy because the dish was not prepared with gravy.

“It has become common for us Terengganu people to eat rice with gravy. So I decided to make my orange juice as a sauce to finish my lunch.

“We were also charged about RM15 for two people. I did not touch on the Rahmah Menu issue and had absolutely no intention of insulting certain groups because that is not who I am, as a representative of the people I understand the pulse of the people.”

He also said he would take legal action against those who are twisting the facts.

Meanwhile, the video received tremendous criticism from netizens. Thinking that the Terengganu Exco was mocking the Menu Rahmah, netizens went ballistic in attacking him.

The video garnered 1 million views at the time of writing, but the post by a netizen who complained about the YB’s handling of the food received a whopping 5.4 million views.

Some users are angry that the YB is apparently showing disrespect to the food.

The problem with today’s social media is that most people tend to post videos without proper disclaimers and explanations.

In the case of YB Hanafiah, he may have fallen victim to a great misunderstanding, and despite his explanations in the aftermath of the event, netizens continued to attack him over the ‘Menu Rahmah’.

One user demonstrated his frustrations by saying that when people mock food, they should think of what they will bring to the hereafter.

User @budinwmaju wrote:

 Translated from Malay, the post is saying, “Terengganu Exco YB Hanafiah Mat tried to mock the Menu Rahmah but is actually insulting the sustenance from God.”

In reply to @budinwmaju, user @inderasakti_kl said:

In English, the user is saying, “I’ve eaten ‘menu rahmah’ almost my whole life. If he wants to patronise us, that’s up to him. My sustenance comes from God. I’d just like to remind him that one day we will die and we won’t be bringing our assets or good food into the ground.”

Meanwhile user @FrugalFliza added:

Citing an Islamic quote, the user is saying, “Hadith (tradition) of Muslim history says “Do not mock the food.

“PS: I’ve eaten those vegetable and fish dishes during my college days when I wanted to save money. It isn’t very tasty, but I’m not stupid enough to pour orange juice to substitute as a sauce.”

In Hanafiah’s defence, he is heard saying he is pouring orange juice on the meal to give it some taste.

Users agree that the food may not be that tasty, but that did not stop them from criticising him. — March 3, 2023

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