Hannah Yeoh wants Rina Harun fired for non-stop belittling of women

TWO-TERM Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Rina Harun who is most remembered for her “Doraemon voice” antic should “be fired” for her incessant use of cheap publicity that tarnishes the image of Malaysian women, so decries DAP lawmaker Hannah Yeoh.

A former deputy minister herself in that portfolio to Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail under the Pakatan Harapan administration, Yeoh chided the Titiwangsa MP for allowing actor, film producer and politician Datuk Rosyam Nor to utter insulting words such as “wake up late”, “women are all slow”, “eh, wake up” and “I want to hit your heads” in a TikTok video clip purportedly intended to promote the ministry’s entrepreneurship programme.

Rosyam who is deemed as a celebrity entrepreneurship icon is scheduled to share his knowledge at the ministry’s Women Rise Entrepreneurship Programme at the World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur at 9am today.

“This is not the first time that Rina Harun has resorted to cheap publicity that degrades the image of Malaysian women,” lamented the Segambut MP. “Worst still was when Rina and NWF (National Welfare Foundation) officials just stand and smirk while those words are being uttered at the ministry”.

“Does Rina know that many mothers sleep late and wake up before dawn to prepare for their families? Women are often victims of stereotypes and victims of domestic violence. How can a minister allow scripts and videos promoting ministerial programmes to degrade and ridicule women?” asked Yeoh in her Facebook posting.

Recall that in late March 2020, the ministry through two campaign posters shared on its social media platforms suggested that working mums don their office attire complete with heels, make-up and accessories while working from home.

To avoid conflict with their spouses, the ministry further advised women not to nag but instead imitate the voice of Japanese cartoon character Doraemon followed by a flirty giggle to convey the message to their spouse on the correct way to hang clothes.

The DAP assistant publicity secretary also reminded Rina that she is not paid thousands per month by taxpayers just for her to create a programme.

“The people pay the minister’s salary not for her to be an event organizer. Rina doesn’t have to do the work of the Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative Ministry who is more apt at such task,” justified Yeoh.

“Moreover, speaking of business, Rina herself has a previous court cases, hence it would be better if Rina doesn’t teach other women how to “rise” in business (Rina was reportedly facing a RM1.9 mil suit by a Paris-based production house Sarl Novovision over the purchase of content).”

Yeoh said a duration of three years to make the ministry a laughing stock is “long enough”.

“I am sad to see agencies, government officials and the ministry’s target groups being made a joke like this,” she shared.

“If Prime Minister (Datuk Seri) Ismail Sabri (Yaakob) is really serious about the Keluraga Malaysia struggles, ministers who belittles the role of women should be dropped. The ones who should ‘wake up from their slumber’ are Rina Harun and her deputy (Datuk Siti Zailah Mohd Yusoff). Three years is beyond the probation period for them to ‘rise up’ to perform their duty.” – Sept 14, 2022

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