Hauz: Making it easier to manage employees working remotely

HOMEGROWN workforce management company, Hauz developed a cloud-based, data-driven platform that aims to address the many pain points of business owners today, especially those in the service industry.

Its robust solutions help companies solve issues such as lack of face-to-face communication between employees while maintaining clear visibility over workplace performance, scheduling and productivity.

One of Hauz’s features include the Hauz TimeClock that allow employees to clock in and out via facial recognition and automated geo-tagging technology, removing the hassle of consulting manual timesheets.

Hauz also has a scheduling feature that simplifies complex timetables, along with a built-in emergency feature to allow employees alert their teams in real-time to generate indicent reports of any unforeseen situations.

“We built HAUZ to support business owners, especially those running SMEs, in strategic workforce and operational management,” said Hauz CEO Di Yan Ho.

“Our application aims to boost overall employee productivity while ensuring that employers are able to maintain visibility over their workforce and operational activities so that they will be better able to make data-driven decisions that will result in sustainable growth,” he continued.

Over the next five years, HAUZ aims to empower small-scale enterprises to transform the way they manage their mobile workforce through the adoption of digital technology by introducing additional features like digital work passports, micro-lending capabilities for employees, a robust job search function, and a KPI tracker, among others.

“Similar to a resume, the digital work passport will help workers to easily search and apply for jobs where it will display the workers’ experience, skills and qualifications so that they can improve their chances for better career opportunities,” Di Yan explains.

So far, the platform has supported over 150 companies across 2,600 locations in Malaysia and is planning to expand to Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam with targeted users of up to 20,000 by the end of 2022. – Aug 15, 2021


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