Help the environment by buying yourself a refurbished smart device

REFURBISHED electronics marketplace Reebelo is on a mission to save 60 tonnes of e-waste in Malaysia by 2022 and contribute in solving the country’s rising 364 kiloton e-waste issue.

Acknowledging e-waste as one of the fastest growing waste category in the planet, Reebelo aims to enale consumers to purchase refurbished smart devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks, at an affordable rate, strengthening Malaysia’ circular economy.

The company has also just launched its buyback programme, where consumers can sell their old and unused devices back to Reebelo’s partners, where the devices are then refurbished and given a new lease on life.

“Left unattended, the e-waste problem is only going to turn into an immovable mountain. Reebelo was founded to tackle this crisis, to refresh the way we all consume technology,” said Reebelo Malaysia country director Shen Ong.

“We believe in a future where everyone has access to affordable and quality electronics in a sustainable, eco-friendly way,” Ong added.

According to the Global E-waste Monitor 2020, a record 53.6 million metric tonnes (Mt) of electronic waste was generated worldwide in 2019, and it is expected to reach 74 Mt by 2030.

In Malaysia, only 25% of e-waste is recycled, necessitating more proactive measures to be taken.

In addition to that, the quantity and speed of tech discard has been rapidly increasing in recent years. Whether from breakdown, slowdown, or with the emergence of new electronic models, consumers are now readily discarding their tech at the slightest inconvenience.

By refurbishing the discarded devices, consumers will be able to purchase high quality devices with a considerable save in cost.

The refurbished devices will be restored to their original condition, complete with cosmetic fixes to the case and screen, debugging and more have been added to the devices, with all of them fully tested and graded for validation.

In changing the way consumers view refurbished technology, Reebelo aims to reduce the rate at which e-waste is created without compromising the quality of all devices sold.

All refurbished devices have undergone thorough testing and cleaning to ensure that they are functioning and free of defects.

Sold in sealed boxes with the originally supplied accessories, each device goes through a 40-point checklist to minimise the risk of functionality issues.

These steps cover the device’s battery health, screen condition, and working buttons, among others.

As an added feature, Reebelo has a robust three-month warranty and a 14-day returns policy, in the event that the products do not meet the expectations of the customer. – Sept 6, 2021

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