Hexagon connects shop floor processes with real-time productivity-boosting info

HEXAGON, the global leader in digital reality solutions, has released Nexus Connected Worker (NCW), a suite of manufacturing software solutions that connects workers to real-time data for actionable insights and reporting on operations, maintenance, quality and audits.

Powered by its digital-reality Nexus platform that simplifies collaboration across departments for manufacturers, the Hexagon suite offers powerful enterprise-system integration and provides a central location for digital representations of assets, processes and production facilities to support real-time decision making.

The ability to correct course using guidance from shop floor data is an advantage for manufacturers who struggle to remain competitive in an evolving industry.

Because rigid departmental divisions have long been the industry operating norm, breaking down these siloes remains a challenge despite the need for better data collection and information sharing being clearer than ever before.

In this regard, NCW provides the operational agility and the IoT (internet of things) connectivity needed for a responsive workforce to react to immediate needs and glean insights from data that has been collected over time.

The mobile-first applications can be easily accessed from the shop floor and the workflows can be tailored to meet specific needs across industries.

“The NCW suite is able to increase the productivity of a manufacturing operation by more than 20% on average through the digitalisation of manufacturing processes and real-time access to critical information,” NCW president Dr Asif Rana pointed out in a media statement.

“By enabling much more agile decision making, the suite also empowers businesses to transform processes such as downtime management and final product quality inspection that span different departments for a truly connected workforce.”

Added Asif: “We have found leaders struggling to make transformations stick but they have found that adoption improves organically when teams become more productive and empowered with easy access to up-to-the-minute information.”

By leveraging NCW, renowned recreational-vehicle (RV) manufacturer Airstream has transitioned from a paper-based inspection process to a digitised process with a standardised inspection process for all manufactured vehicles.

The simplified inspection workflow enabled Airstream to reduce quality reporting time from one week to one day and report quality data for 100% of its products. – Nov 3, 2023

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