Hidden hero emerges: Anonymous Pakistani donates $30 mil for Turkey, Syria earthquake relief

HOPE flickers in some way amid the misery and sorrow beneath the debris in Turkey and Syria, from the children and the elderly being saved to the aid that has been flooding in from all over the world.On Saturday, Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif was particularly interested in one good samaritan, Reuters reported.Sharif wrote in a tweet that he was “very moved” by a Pakistani who entered the Turkish embassy in the US and gave $30 mil (Dh110.19 mil) to help people affected by earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.However, this person declined to give their name.The prime minister continued in the tweet, “These are such magnificent acts of compassion that enable mankind to prevail over the seemingly insurmountable barriers.”

In a video clip posted on Twitter, Yousuf Erim, a journalist at TRT World expressed his appreciation for the move and said, “Afers, a Pakistani businessman entered the Turkish Embassy in the United States and donated $30 mil himself, anonymously. We don’t know who he is. His identity has not been revealed.”Earthquakes with magnitudes of 7.7 and 7.6 respectively rocked southern Turkey and northern Syria at the crack of dawn on Feb 6, causing significant casualties and infrastructure damage in both countries.By Saturday evening, more than 27,000 people had died and more than 85,000 had been injured as a result of the earthquake that slammed Turkey and Syria.Children were rescued from the earthquake rubble in Turkey and Syria on Saturday, but it appeared that there wouldn’t be many more survivors.The UN cautioned that following the earthquake, which left up to 5.3 million people homeless in Syria alone, at least 870,000 people in the two nations urgently required food.


Main photo credit: News of Bahrain

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