How Novartis Malaysia exudes “Top Employer” qualities across its operations

HEALTHCARE multinational company Novartis Malaysia has been recognised as Top Employer 2022 for the third consecutive year, clinching a double feat with this certification awarded by the Top Employers Institute at both Malaysia and Asia Pacific level.

This award underscores the Inspired, Curious and Unbossed working culture at Novartis, enabling its associates to unleash their best selves to work every day.

To stay ahead of the curve, Novartis Malaysia ensures conducive policies are in place to shape a working environment that is secure, provides flexibility, emphasises collaboration, fosters belonging, nurtures well-being as well as right skill and retains talent.

Patrik Grande

“These days more than ever, talents look for organisations where they can serve their purpose, feel empowered and grow,” commented Novartis Malaysia’s country president and managing director Patrik Grande.

“As our world continues to transform at a radical pace, we are increasing impact by how we work together and grow into a lean, bold and agile organisation. We thrive to bring alive our Inspired, Curious and Unbossed culture daily in Novartis Malaysia.”

Novartis Malaysia people & organisation head Anne Heng said this certification is not only an achievement but a testament to the company’s values of driving, living and embedding people-first policies.

“In re-imagining a future way of work, we place flexibility at the core but empower human connections and collaboration. Associates and managers have the opportunity to organically re-design their ways of working in line with our cultural aspirations,” she explained.

“One of our priorities is unleashing the power of our people to develop compassion for one another, be externally focused and are constantly curious about new ideas to produce better outcomes and deliver win-wins for themselves, our customers and business.”

This win is not just significant for Novartis Malaysia. The added bonus is that Novartis Malaysia also hosts one of Novartis five global Capability Centres globally which have all been certified as Top Employer three years in a row.

Anne Heng

The other capability centres are located in Dublin, Prague, Mexico and Hyderabad.

“This certification places Novartis Malaysia among a prestigious group of companies from 123 countries/regions around the world who have achieved excellence in employee conditions, hence enriching the world of work,” noted Top Employer Institute’s CEO David Plink.

“To achieve this over three consecutive years is no mean feat. It demonstrates the company’s consistent culture of growing and implementing human resources policies that prioritises the development of its employees, putting them first.”

Besides Malaysia, Novartis has also been certified in 21 countries as a Top Employer in 2022. – March 17, 2022

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