How to maximise office aircon efficiency

IN a tropical climate such as Malaysia’s, air-conditioning is a must for all offices and most commercial spaces.

Many businesses are finding that this accounts for a significant amount in monthly overheads. Whether it is to maximise comfort or to reduce the organisation’s carbon footprint, there are myriad reasons for improving an office’s aircon usage, not least the reduction in aforementioned operating costs.

Here are some simple tips on how to maximise an office’s air-conditioning.

Regular maintenance

It may seem obvious but some organisations still have a haphazard approach to service and maintenance of their office air-conditioning units.

With an ad hoc approach of only servicing the aircon units when it is blowing warm air or completely broken down, this is ill-advised as it will only add to company expenses in the long run

Regular service and maintenance will ensure the aircon units are functioning at maximum efficiency and not sucking up unnecessary energy.

It will also ensure that the aircon units are less prone to break downs and let’s face it, productivity is usually severely affected when an office is boiling hot from a faulty aircon.

Have a contract with a reputable aircon service provider with guarantees that breakdowns will not occur if the maintenance schedule is adhered to.

Set to moderate temp

Far too often, office aircon units are set to sub-Artic temperatures, forcing staff to adopt an Eskimo-like dress code. It is actually best to set it to moderate temperatures for a more neutral and comfortable environment.

Maintaining a cool, rather than freezing, office will ensure there is equilibrium among staff, allowing them to work in comfort and thus maximise their productivity.

It is generally regarded that a moderate aircon setting of 23-24 degree Celsius is most conducive for the Malaysian climate.

Programme timers

Many offices still do not use timers for efficient use of aircon units, leaving them running far beyond the time it is necessary.

If only a few staff are in early or work later, it may be useful to set the aircon to be on when the office is near maximum capacity. Fans or small stand-alone cooler units can be utilised during less busy hours.

Do try out the above tips, especially if you are moving into new office premises, as this allows for a clean slate with newer and more up-to-date equipment to be installed.

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