Innovate Selangor’s tourism industry to attract future tourists

WITH the tourism industry gasping for air for the sake of its survival, it is clear that innovation will be the key that could revamp the industry.

To keep up with the ever-changing market demands and tourist expectations, tourism operators would need to be flexible and have a ready-to-adapt attitude to introduce eye-catching products and concepts.

“Tourism operators have to push themselves to the limit, in introducing new ideas and concepts to attract visitors. They should only take international tourism products as reference and not directly copy them,” said upcoming local restaurant Ninja Private Kitchen owner Zung Heng.

Meanwhile, travel enthusiast Shazni Shazwani shared: “Even though Selangor has a long list of exciting tourism attractions, some of them needs to be innovative by expanding its operations to suit a broad age group so that families can share memorable moments together.”

With expectations that more tourists will flock into Selangor once the travel ban has been lifted, tourist destinations should focus on innovating its attractions, offerings, products as well as services in order to fulfil those expectations. – Jan 30, 2021

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