“Is ‘small-minded’ Loke the instrument of dark forces in DAP?”

DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke Siew Fook said that he had no respect for me because I used the party for my personal gains such as power and position.

Furthermore, he also said that I was not sincere in leaving the party. Loke can say what he wants to appease the forces behind the powerful in the DAP.

But as the No. 1 man of the party, he simply lacks the leadership credentials to steer the party away from cronyism and nepotism.

As I have said, the party is not that the same one I admired and joined in 2005 after I retired from Universiti Kebnagsaan Malaysia (UKM).

Whether he understands or not, I had to resign from a well-paying position in Singapore in 2008 to contest in the parliamentary elections in 2008.

Before I left Singapore, the director of the institute where I was working was reluctant to accept my resignation letter. It is not that I joined the DAP because I didn’t have a well-paying job in Singapore.

Raw deal

Loke has been hardly in the present position for more than few years but he behaves like an authoritarian leader in the DAP.

Ironically, it is the same Loke who refused to get a better deal for the DAP after the last general election even though the party won 40 parliamentary seats.

Apparently without consultation, he refused to make reasonable demands upon Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for a better deal for the DAP.

Having given in to the dominant forces, he has the temerity to chide me for insincerity, riding on the DAP and for twisting facts.

If he is such a democrat, he should perhaps explain to the public as to why the five-men committee headed by him refused to entertain the reasonable request of the Penang DAP state committee in selecting the candidates for tomorrow’s (Aug 12) state election.

Why did this committee simply adhered to the wishes of one or two persons to name the candidates of their choice?

Yes, by all means there’s a need to introduce new blood but certainly not tainted blood and parachuting dubious candidates from outside.

DAP has become soft

Incumbent chief minister Chow Kon Yeow didn’t have any say in the selection of candidates determined by the forces aligned to powerful and entrenched. Chow might become the next chief minister but unfortunately, he will be a lame duck one.

It is matter of time before he is removed by the forces aligned to one or two powerful persons in DAP.

Loke might talk about sincerity to the point of absurdity all he wants but the public and members of the party know that he is not a capable leader of the party.

Once the political and cultural shield of those against the ethnic and religious extremism, DAP has been reduced to a pitiful state under the leadership of Loke.

Is there any difference between the DAP, MCA and MIC? Is there a slow but inexorable move on the part of the DAP to be labelled as the “MCA 2.0”?

As far as I am concerned, it’s shameful or distasteful on the part of Loke to engage in name calling. He wants to give the impression that he is combative but sadly, he lacks courage and fortitude badly.

He conveniently forgets that he is nothing but a yes-man and the puppet of the dark forces aligned to family-based politicians in the party.

I really wonder Loke with a small mind can lead the party to great political heights. If he cannot even defend the ethnic, cultural and religious rights of the numerically smaller communities, then what sincerity is he talking about?

What a pathetic leadership! – Aug 11, 2023


Prof Ramasamy Palanisamy is the former DAP state assemblyman for Perai. He is also the former deputy chief minister of Penang.

The views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Focus Malaysia.

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