It’s fine for “Alamak Raya Lagi” to reach Japan but how about turning PM’s Office into dance floor?

IT is no secret that the Alamak Raya Lagi craze courtesy of local all-female girl band De Fam has not only taken the entire country by storm but the music video has also reached the shores of Japan and South Korea.

But while it is fine to appreciate the song as a form of festive entertainment during one’s leisure, there have been tendency of civil servants going overboard with such an enchanting song, ie by turning their offices into dance floors.

This came to light after netizen Mak Cik Hijau (@makcikhijau_) highlighted a group of so-called Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) staff in Putrajaya indulging in a dance routine to the tune of Alamak Raya Lagi which official musical video viewership has topped 18.6 million views on YouTube at the time of writing.

Towards this end, one netizen shared a somehow similar video choregraphed by the Selangor state administration led by Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Amirudin Shari.

Interestingly, Mak Cik Hijau’s opinion was also shot down by netizens who deemed the video clips by civil servants as merely a “social media exercise” for their respective ministries or government offices in conjunction with the recent Hari Raya festivity.

One netizen even told the poster “to chill” given that the PMO staff “did not shut down the counter to spend hours TikTok-ing away in the pantry”. Another suggests that “she minds her own” as even private sector staff “don’t stare at their PCs (personal computers) from 9am to 6pm”.

However, some netizens shared the concern expressed by Mak Cik Hijau by further enquiring what time was the said video clip posted, ie during or after office hours.

Moreover, the “PMO tag” was visible on the top of the video clip.

Above all else, some netizens ticked off the “PMO dancers” for their sheer stupidity by stating their location in their brief video clip. One went on to hashtag Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Zuki Ali if a disciplinary action is warranted.

Whatever said and done, what matters most is that despite “spending office hours serving TikTok, civil servants can still expect to receive their bonuses come year end”. – April 21, 2024

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