“It’s futile to sue PM’s photographer over ‘vape’ photo,” X users told Tanah Merah MP

RECENTLY, Malaysians have been talking a lot about the Tanah Merah MP Datuk Seri Ikmal Hisham Abdul Aziz who allegedly vaped in parliament. He has also threatened to sue the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s photographer for taking the photograph.

However, netizens are informing Ikmal that the photographer is not at fault for this scandal. He is simply doing his job, taking photographs.

(YB… the one using that image and wrote the caption ‘vaping’ and the one who took the picture are two different individuals. Since when are professional photographers not allowed to take pictures in the hall? You have no case against that photographer. Don’t embarrass yourself… lol.)

Meanwhile, the issue did not stop with X users commenting and fighting with each other over it.

Nationally renowned cartoonist Fahmi Reza has also come into play asking netizens what they thought Ikmal was doing in parliament that day.

He reposted the photo and left users to reply with answers they felt were best in a poll. There were four choices of answers, and all of them were seen to be in a comedic manner.

Fahmi’s post garnered almost 700,000 views on X. – Sept 23, 2023


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