Larry Sng’s PBM presidency ‘under siege’ with party deputy rejecting his leadership

THE internal discord within Parti Bangsa Malaysia (PBM) has worsened with party deputy president Haniza Talha and other fellow party leaders “completely rejecting” the leadership of its president Datuk Larry Sng.

Recall that yesterday (Dec 25), president-designate Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin has openly expressed her mistrust in the Julau MP and sole PBM victor in the recently concluded 15th General Election (GE15) by labelling him as “immature, arrogant and incapable of thinking rationally in managing the party’s affairs”.

“Sng has used this party only as a stepping stone to gain influence and positions at the national level and does not directly display the values held by PBM for the development of all Malaysians,” claimed the Lembah Jaya state assemblyperson in a media statement.

“We urge the Registrar of Societies (ROS) to investigate Sng’s legitimacy as president after the (party’s) Annual General Conference (AGC) decided that Zuraida should take over the position.”

Earlier, Haniza said Sng has turned his back on the agreement and mandate that was decided by PBM members during the party’s AGC in October, thus putting the party in a precarious position while causing confusion among its leaders and members.

“Appropriately, Sng should have handed over his position to Zuraida as agreed by all PBM members at the last AGC and not to have manipulated the situation until it became a mess like this,” she lamented.

“The failure of Sng in administering and managing the party is also clearly evident when he recklessly used his position for his own benefit without thinking about the impact on PBM members across the country.”

Before the GE15, Haniza said Sng had used the letter of appointment of candidates to threaten the PBM leadership so that they obeyed his wishes.

“After GE15 ended, he used PBM to establish cooperation with other parties without first discussing with any party leader or member,” she further revealed.

“His immaturity was also shown to the public through a Facebook post when he was ‘sulky’ because his name was not listed in the Cabinet line-up announced by the Prime Minister recently.”

Added Haniza: “The action he took clearly shows that he does not directly think about the wishes of the party members and only acts for his own personal interests.” – Dec 26, 2022

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