“Let Sabah and Sarawak leave Malaysia first before DAP is removed in favour of forming Malay-Muslim gov’t”

THREE activists from Sarawak have issued a joint statement in response to the call by a coalition of Muslim non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Selangor and Negri Sembilan to establish a Malay Muslim government without DAP.

The trio – Borneo’s Plight in Malaysia Foundation president Daniel John Jambun, Global Human Right Federation of Malaysia (GHRF) deputy president Peter John Jaban and Gindol Initiative for Civil Society Borneo chairman Kanul Gindol – reiterated that there is no race, religion and political parties in the Parliament, only lawmakers.

“The rule of law remains the basis of the Federal Constitution. It’s colour blind, secular and enshrines freedom of conscience, speech, association and assembly,” the statement by Jambun, Jaban and Gindol read.

“The idea proposed by some Muslim NGOs to establish Malay-Muslim government without the multi-cultural DAP seems divorced from political reality and probably won’t happen. They are so full of themselves.”

Jambun, Jaban and Gindol further pointed out that economics should take precedence; otherwise, it is the village folks who will suffer the most. “When politics comes in through the door, economics will fly out the window,” they cautioned.

Peter John Jaban

“Lawmakers are elected by all, and pledged on oath, must serve all. They should not harp on race, religion, and political parties in Parliament. Instead, everyone in parliament is a lawmaker. Their job is to govern the country well.”

Warning the NGOs, the trio said in order for the proposal by the Muslim’s NGOs to establish a Malay-Muslim government without DAP to happen, the MA63 (Malaysia Agreement) must officially come to an end first.

“(Then) Sabah and Sarawak can choose to opt out and leave the federation of Malaysia and let the people of Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia) do whatever it desires best for themselves.”

“A mutually agreed separation is a win-win solution for both Malaya and the Borneo Territory as each sides get what it wants – Malaya a Malay-Muslim government and the Borneo Territory, a secular colour-blind government.” – Aug 17, 2023

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