Malaysian infant becomes hapless victim of Israel-Hamas conflict

MALAYSIAN adults are free to decide how they wish to exercise their spending power but it is rather unfair that an infant has to bear the consequences of its parents boycotting certain products.

This was apparently the case when an anonymous poster asked for recommendations for infant milk formula on the Kelab Ibu Mengandung Malaysia forum on X (formerly Twitter).

The poster claims that her six-month old baby was expelling bloody stools and she was worried that it was the result of changing milk formula four times. This was in an attempt to boycott products with alleged ties to Israel.

Netizens were further aghast that the mother apparently had no choice in the matter to avoid being divorced by her husband, stating: “But I am bound by the taklik (divorce conditions) and if I give my child formula milk that should be boycotted, it will lead to a divorce.”

The post has been met with negative reactions from netizens:

“These kinds of parents should not exist. Animals are better at taking care of their children,” netizen Magician Wenger lashed out.

Some even suggested the woman look for a new husband instead.

“Sis, you should find a new husband. If a husband can threaten his wife with talak and is willing to put his child in danger, it is obvious that he is toxic and has no right to have a family,” suggested netizen Sya. “He has no love. Please stop changing the formula milk as it would affect your child.”

This incident highlights the almost perverse lengths some are willing to go in an attempt to show solidarity with Palestinians. It can only be hoped that the child is safe and unharmed from its parents’ obstinacy on the issue.

Otherwise, a visit from the Children’s Development Department may be in order. – Nov 7, 2023

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