Malaysia’s first Hyatt Place shines with many first-class amenities

THERE is a certain joy submerged in an infinity pool perched on the rooftop. Time is but a measure of pleasure as one soaks up the tropical sun with a wine in hand, watching as the world goes by.

Malaysia’s first Hyatt Place is about to elevate that experience to the next level. Just the scenic view at the top promises a vast array of leisure activities accompanied by unparalleled conveniences.

Below the first international hotel in Bukit Jalil, the sprawling complex of Pavilion Bukit Jalil beckons with five levels or 1.8 million square feet of retail space, making it among the largest malls in Malaysia.

To the east, lush and generous greenery make up the Bukit Jalil Recreational Park. Jogging trails meander within the 80-acre park, complemented by exercise stations and blooming gardens of various themes.

A short distance away, the distinctive features of the National Stadium Bukit Jalil are unmistakable, being the largest stadium in Southeast Asia. Even without such winning amenities, visitors can perfectly content themselves with the wealth of lifestyle elements within Hyatt Place.

After leaving the cool water of the infinity pool, one may find some relaxing moments and quick pick-me-ups at the rooftop bar. For a more comprehensive meal, Kuang’s Cafe serves a wide range of international cuisines from dawn to dusk.

Either that or visitors can quickly transport themselves to Italy just by stepping into the fine-dining Italian restaurant and bar by the name of Valentina.

If the carefully curated and prepared meals do not appeal, they could indulge in their creativity by picking up fresh groceries at The Market. They can then assemble their culinary masterpiece in the privacy of their room’s kitchen.

Speaking of rooms, the spacious 32-square-metre guest room comes with separate work and sleeping areas and sofa beds. It is the ideal configuration for the multitasking guest to accomplish their work while remaining comfortable.

Away from the fine dining, the 24-hour fitness room makes certain that the health-conscious traveller is able to keep up with their fitness routine, thanks to the top-of-the-line equipment. Everyone will also benefit from a stretch, hence the dedicated yoga room makes for a fine addition.

Descend to the lobby and the thirsty traveller is immediately drawn to the rich, earthy smell of roasting coffee. Hyatt Place stands out yet again with Starbucks on the ground floor.

However, like any other exemplary property development, Hyatt Place is best defined by the strategic location it occupies. With its proximity to three golf courses, the lads could swing by for a little hand and eye coordination exercise.

On the other hand, the ladies will be spoiled for choice with the best-in-class retail at Pavilion Bukit Jalil, which plays host to well-known retail and international brands that will debut in Malaysia.

Since the National Stadium Bukit Jalil is within proximity, visitors have access to trending mega events such as concerts or international sports competitions, just to name a few.

The culmination of all these lifestyle elements brings about the ultimate staycation that few can resist.

Wanderlust visitors are also able to reach any other points of interest within Malaysia’s capital city via the major highways. Among them are KESAS, MEX, North-South highway and Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil.

On top of all these are the two LRT stations a stone’s throw away, accompanied by ample shuttle bus services. It is clear that much thought is put into making Hyatt Place a success.

However, few could believe that the idea was once viewed with caution. The brainchild of Datuk Wira Vincent Lye, the man himself is as compelling as the business ideas he conceived.

He was a well-known entrepreneur and property developer, being involved in several listed companies as a director. Many close friends and advisors persuaded him to reconsider the Hyatt Place project but he saw it as a good long-term investment.

Vincent is of the opinion that the hospitality industry will recover and indeed it has.

A few mammoth development projects in Bukit Jalil are also on the verge of completion. It is a good indication that the shift of population into the area has begun in earnest, not forgetting the increase in tourist numbers.

Hence, exemplary hotels such as Hyatt Place shall serve as a magnet to draw these people in, whether to stay, shop or as a transit point to visit the many attractions of Kuala Lumpur. – Oct 6, 2023


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