Misplaced generosity: A&W Tambun slips in a free beef burger for Hindu customer’s order of 6 chick burgers

THIS is certainly a case of not everything free makes one’s day as a Hindu customer of the recently opened A&W Sunway City Tambun found out.

Probably oblivious to the fact that Indians of the Hindu faith abstain from consuming beef, a staff of the fast-food outlet has slipped in one free beef burger into the customer’s takeaway order of six chicken burgers without prior informing the latter of the store’s gesture of generosity.

As it is, the customer (or his family members) only realised that there was something amiss in the order after having taken a bite of the beef burger.

The incident prompted the customer to return to the A&W outlet to confront its duty manager as to whether SOP (standard operating procedure) has been adhered to in preparing his takeaway order as can be seen in the video clip uploaded by X (previously Twitter) user AsyrafJr | iPhone Repair (@AsyrafRosli_) which has been viewed 1.4 million times at the time of writing.

Honest mistake or otherwise, this brings to mind a recent incident whereby an e-hailing rider accidentally delivered a meal containing roasted pork instead of mi tarik to a Muslin home, resulting in the children unknowingly consumed the food while the parents were busy with their chores.

At this juncture, it may already be too late to cry over spilled milk but only to treat the entire episode as an eye-opener in that F&B (food & beverage) operators must enlighten their staff about the cultural and religious sensitivities of plural Malaysians.

Like what the poster has suggested, this can start with an apology and by displaying respect to the customer who “still had the decency to talk nicely”.

Doubtlessly, an open apology to the customer and not to let lightning strike twice is what most netizens reckon the A&W management should be doing. Below are some of the darndest (and constructive) feedback found across the X platform. – June 8, 2024

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