Modello: Empowering brands to grow digital footprint and awareness

HOMEGROWN talent recruitment platform Modello has introduced a new Product Sponsorship feature set to empower brands to amplify their social footprint by lowering cost barriers to influencer engagement.

Start-ups as well as small and medium enterprises (SMEs) contribute 38% to Malaysia’s gross domestic product (GDP).

However, their burgeoning numbers have also resulted in businesses facing increased competition for them to be seen and recognised by the public.

The challenge is further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, placing new businesses with minimal capital and digital know-how at a significant disadvantage as discovery and purchases all transition online.

Modello’s new Product Sponsorship feature will thus match businesses and talents based on needs and experiences filtered through the product sponsorship category.

Businesses can list job opportunities by putting up the necessary job specifications such as talent requirement, the sponsored product, campaign details and hashtags to be included with the post.

They will then be connected with a host of talents who meet their criteria and are interested in the opportunity, therefore effectively connecting them with suitable brand amplifiers that will help tell their story to digital audiences.

“The pandemic has caused a digitalisation boom but not only businesses are going digital, the youth have also managed to create jobs online through content creation,” said Modello CEO Same Tham.

“As millennials assume more significant roles in the economy, brands must also be ready to tweak their outreach strategy to tap into the new market.

“Modello exists to unite remarkable brands with remarkable people to transform brands, businesses, and talent careers, providing a win-win solution for all parties involved.

“The Product Sponsorship feature signifies an evolution of our ethos as it provides an avenue for up-and-coming brands to penetrate this new blue ocean in an accessible and affordable manner to help boost their brand awareness.”

From a talent’s perspective, the Product Sponsorship functionality will provide up and coming talent a new influx of gig opportunities and help shine a spotlight on them amongst high potential and exciting brands.

The product nature of the engagement will also allow influencers to get hands-on experience with the products allowing them to tell more credible, in-depth and effective stories to their audience.

It also represents an opportunity for more engaging content with audiences through contests and giveaways that can be beneficial in helping them grow their follower bases, therefore empowering both parties – brands and the talent community. – Jan 31, 2022

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