Moving past racial validation

IT’S time to move on and focus on what is best for the nation. We have experienced enough political drama and after the recent state election it is now a right time for a ceasefire among politicians.

Every post-game analysis requires a review of performance data to gain insights to help coaches make the most of strengths and address weaknesses.

What can be said from our election results, however, did not reflect our strength as a nation comes from having a multiracial society.

Leave the politics behind and spend some time to self-reflect on every person of different beliefs and background you have encountered in your life.

Did you have certain prejudices beforehand or even developed your own from a single isolated incident? Would you be compassionate enough to give another chance?

The art of communication is the language of leadership that must be mastered soon if we are to mend wounds.

We must take heed of Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah’s decree on the new Selangor state government to immediately address all the concerns of the people, especially those related to infrastructure and development.

Malaysians need a strong baseline to stay resilient against any odds of a pandemic and socioeconomic ramifications. In order to achieve this, we need leaders and every walk of society to have empathy.

We can only succeed as a unit when we have truly addressed our weakest link. Welfare aid may only help ease a person’s burden and does not promise comfort. Reforming our mindset is key to progress and improving the quality of life.

You can always serve your community as a citizen when you are surrounded by a team of like-minded people wanting a better Malaysia. – Aug 22, 2023


Aidi Amin is the political secretary to Sungai Buloh MP Datuk Ramanan Ramakrishnan.

The views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Focus Malaysia.


Main pic credit: Shutterstock

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