Najib slams Dr M who gets unexpected, rare love from netizens

FORMER prime minister (PM) Datuk Seri Najib Razak seems to be one of the many who loves airing his thoughts in the public space, even when he is behind bars after he lost the SRC International case.In his most recent letter, he slammed his adversary, former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, calling him a failure in many areas.Najib then twisted the words that Dr M has reportedly said before, such as “Malays are bad at politics and would be divided if they were to enter the arena”.

Furthermore, Najib sarcastically stated that Dr M created the new UMNO only for him to leave the party.

Dr M then formed Bersatu, from which he was unfortunately kicked out. Finally, he formed Pejuang, only for him to leave the party after a humiliating loss in the recent elections.All the while, Najib forgot his own humiliating loss at the elections that led to his losses in court and his jailing.Nevertheless, netizens were quick to defend the ‘father of modernisation’ as Twitter user  @RajGreatEastern stated:

The user asked Najib to calm down, as mocking a national hero who is 98 is not the way to go.He said respect for the elderly needs to be followed through, including by politicians.

“His contribution to the country is big and it cannot be doubted,” the netizen then added that it could be the reason why God is giving him a long life.Another user @lizziehwan questioned why Najib was able to tweet from prison:

There were tweets that pointed out the failures that Najib Razak is accountable for.

User peptalk @AizatKamal10 stated:

In English, he stated that Najib created the 1MDB fund, and he claims to not know how money magically appeared in the account.He then appointed Low Taek Jho @ Jho Low, whom he claims he does not know either.

Next, Najib used the RM2.6 bil that was in his account and claimed that he did not know who provided him with the money.Now, he is supposed to be in prison, yet he’s tweeting every day, and there is no photographic evidence that he is currently serving time. — Feb 12, 2023

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