Najib spent RM1.1 mil with his delegation staying at Trump’s hotel back in 2017

FORMER premier Datuk Seri Najib Razak is now implicated in new documents leaked by the Democrats in the US showing how much foreign governments spent in America during Donald Trump’s tenure as president.Some reports accused Trump of receiving US$7.8 mil (RM36.3 mil) from 20 foreign governments, violating the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause during his presidency. The report singles out China as the top spender.It details lavish spending by Najib during a DOJ investigation into 1MDB.Trump hosted Najib during the probe. The report outlines hotel expenses and attempts to downplay the DOJ investigation.An X user highlighted a portion of the report that shows Najib’s expenditures in America during this period. X user K @PointMHD stated:

Several other X users showed their dismay.

However, several netizens are defending the former Prime Minister citing that this is a completely normal amount for a country’s leader to spend while they’re abroad. – Jan 6, 2023

Main photo credit: Utusan

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