Nespresso brings the joy of Shanghai Lungo for Chinese New Year

AS the Chinese New Year (CNY) is around the corner, Nespresso is introducing a new permanent coffee blend called Shanghai Lungo as an auspicious symbol to a new beginning.

“The Lunar New Year bears the expectation the year ahead. As such, Nespresso endeavours to seize this opportunity to inspire people to welcome a new beginning, whether through enjoying ultimate Nespresso coffee moments with loved ones, or through gifting,” it said, in a statement.

Elaborating, Nespresso said that Shanghai Lungo is a distinctive light-roast blend, allowing Nespresso to get precise results from each part of the coffee while preserving the delicacy of the blend.

“The delicate roasting process results in Shanghai Lungo’s distinct light-roast blend which will please the palate with its berry notes.


“These elements come together perfectly and is best enjoyed in a longer cup, hence the Lungo,”it stated, adding the beverage also brings to life a characteristic lightly roasted masterpiece, crafted from the reputable Kenyan, Chinese and Indonesian Arabicas.

Practise sustainability

The Nespresso Shanghai Lungo is priced at RM23 per sleeve, while the Nespresso 10-sleeves CNY Assortment Giftbox is priced at RM239.

In addition, Nespresso is giving out complimentary CNY red packet with any purchase of 50 capsules and 5-sleeves CNY Assortment Pack (priced at RM116).

“Coffee enthusiasts who purchase the 10-sleeves CNY Assortment Giftbox would also receive a ‘Fú’ door sticker,” it said.

With that, Nespresso is encouraging coffee drinkers to recycle their used capsules and work hand-in-hand to create a positive impact in creating a sustainable environment.

“As a precautionary measure, Nespresso boutiques at The Garden Mall and 1Utama Shopping Centre will be closed temporarily to ensure the safety of both coffee lovers and staff.

“However, the new coffee blend and various accessories will be available online via the Nespresso mobile app, beginning Jan 11,” it stated. – Feb 9, 2021.

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