Netflix for Telehealth, anyone?

By Alex Lee


IMAGINE that it’s a beautiful Sunday morning and you logged in to Netflix account to your watch your favourite K-Drama, the latest Jason Leong Comedy Special and the latest episode of Suits.

The COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia is far from over but being at home with this digital convenience doesn’t feel too bad after all. Now, imagine if you could have a “Netflix” for telehealth?

Prior to COVID-19 pandemic, the term telehealth would be akin to online banking back in the early 2000’s. In the early 2000’s, online banking was like the cool technology that everyone spoke about but has the faintest idea how it worked.

Unsurprisingly, feelings of curiosity, scepticism and fear emerged even among early technology adopters. Fast forward over a decade later, online banking is not just accepted but, it’s considered mainstream and a technology that most of us now can’t live without. Who pays their bills via cheque these days?

Whilst telehealth by itself is an interesting technology, what is more valuable to consumers is multi-disciplinary telehealth. The concept of multidisciplinary in medical is nothing new and it is widely practiced in many areas of medicine.

For example, in treating cancer patients, typically a multi-disciplinary team is formed consisting of oncologists, radiologists, surgeons and dietitians. The benefits are multi-fold as they are not just realised by the patient alone but also the medical professionals.

Whilst the patient gets a more comprehensive care, the medical professionals collectively also improve productivity by having more accurate diagnosis and saving time. In some critical healthcare cases, employing multi-disciplinary approach could also mean a life or death situation for the patient.

Carepool Asia, an innovative digital health platform serving families/small businesses in Malaysia and Singapore is an example of such novel platform. Carepool Asia combines the convenience of telehealth and benefits of multidisciplinary approach at an affordable monthly fee.

Additionally, just like Netflix, Carepool Asia allows you to easily add patients into the subscription. Coincidentally, Carepool Asia doesn’t require a mobile app download too.

Carepool Asia is still at the initial stage but, we already have a team of 10 highly experienced, certified and passionate professionals ready to deliver the future of healthcare right to you from anywhere, anytime. Our multi-disciplinary team of GP doctors, dietitians and mental health consultants can help families/small businesses based in Malaysia and Singapore leveraging on our unique Software-As-Service (SaS) technology.

Hence, as you can see, staying at home doesn’t mean staying out of touch of critical services i.e. healthcare. We are confident we can support small businesses too as we’re able to deliver digital health to employees in a convenient, holistic and affordable manner.

Inevitably, there are naysayers who say not all illnesses or scenarios that can be done via telehealth. Admittedly, this is true but Carepool Asia do not intend to be the digital health platform you come to for your broken bone, Stage 4 liver cancer or heart attack.

However, for minor acute illnesses, prescription refills, valuable dietitian advice or mental health counsel, we can and happy to help. We are also an advocate of medical/health education so, will be featuring our team of medical/health professionals through webinars for those who sign-up.

Lastly, unlike Netflix, which is an American company, Carepool Asia is a locally grown digital health-tech company with focus on Malaysia and Singapore. Thus, we are not just more familiar with market environment here but we probably more likely to know what illnesses you may have now and future. Just saying. – Nov 28, 2020


Alex Lee is the founder/CEO of Carepool Asia. He can be reached at [email protected].

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