Netizens are divided over explanations offered by former J-KOM director Agus

FORMER Jabatan Komunikasi Komuniti (J-KOM) director-general Datuk Dr Mohammad Agus Yusoff denied the authenticity of a viral video supposedly featuring him in an indecent conversation, alleging it has been doctored to sabotage him.

Abdul Wahab Abdul Kadir Jilani, present in the video, claimed it was orchestrated by a senior department official known as “Mr H” to tarnish Agus’s reputation.

Wahab, who is said to be the other person in the conversation with Agus in the video, asserted that he was manipulated into making the video. Agus accused a conspiracy against him and denies involvement in the video emphasising its malicious intent.

However, the controversy raised questions about political motives and internal power dynamics within the department.

Nevertheless, netizens are still debating the issue and the answers offered by Agus do not seem to be satisfactory enough.

(Ohhh. Play out Wahab. Got thrown on his head. Wahab has to take responsibility, hahaha. Woe to the boss. Acted all flirty in the video, Wahab stayed cool and wasn’t overboard, it’s the boss who’s overdoing it. Already got caught, it is Wahab now who has to clean his name. Stupid)

Meanwhile, @Loverboxs is of the view that the entire episode is full of sensationalism.

(Doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not. Our people prefer sensational news and stories, especially those involving personal matters, dirt and the disgrace of individuals, whether the allegations are true or not. Stories like these can captivate our people for months on end. Try presenting news or stories about knowledge or disasters…)

A user on X, @City01011 said while J-Kom has been slow (to respond to criticism against the government) it is unfair for people to use the video to confuse people.

(It is true that J-KOM is slow, and I agree with Agus resigning. However, I disagree with their factions resorting to disgusting tactics with questionable information. They then spread and organise it proudly, as if they have won a trophy.) – Nov 18, 2023


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