Netizens ask what DBKL is doing about illegal traders at KLCC

A SHORT clip shows a couple of gentlemen setting up a makeshift stall selling roasted jagung right in front of KLCC has irked netizens.

The video uploaded by user @isusemasaviral on X (formerly known as Twitter) has already garnered 1.3 million views, with many netizens asking what DBKL is doing about such flagrant flouting of the law.

The KLCC shopping mall and Petronas Twin Towers being huge tourist attractions have been magnets for all sorts of illegal traders. This comes hot on the heels of complaints  about photograph touts scamming visitors to the area and claiming it as their own turf.

The poster asked if the municipal authorities would only take action when highlighted on social media. Many netizens agreed that enforcement was too lax.

Another netizen even provided photo evidence of a food truck that took over a bus stop as its base of operations, forcing buses to stop mid-traffic to allow passengers to alight.

Many pointed out that this is not a new phenomenon.

Judging from the many comments, it does appear that a large part of netizens’ irritation stems from the fact that these illegal traders appear to be foreigners.

Some suggested that corruption and a poor work ethic were the root of the problem.

Meanwhile, DBKL has since responded to the issue.

Time will tell if checks and enforcement will be regular or if action will only be taken when an issue becomes viral.

The way this issue of PATIs (pendatang asing tanpa izin) is constantly being highlighted as the root of many problems and how they seem to have taken over the city suggests that it will be a major topic come the next election. – Jan 5, 2023


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