Netizens poke fun at Siti Mastura’s flawed logic connecting DAP members to commie leaders

A PAS lawmaker’s feeble attempt at tarnishing DAP members by linking them as kin of communist leader Chin Peng and Singapore ex-PM Lee Kuan Yew has backfired badly, leading to her been ridiculed big time online.

For the uninitiated, PAS Kepala Batas MP, Dr Siti Mastura Muhammad has apparently alleged that DAP chairman Lim Guan Eng and his father Tan Sri Lim Kit Siang as well as Transport Minister Anthony Loke Siew Fook, Local Government Development Minister Nga Kor Ming, Seputeh MP Teresa Kok Suh Sim and Beuas MP Ngeh Khoo Ham shared blood ties with Chin Peng and Kuan Yew.

She is alleged to have made the statements at a Kemaman PAS machinery gathering in Terengganu on Saturday (Nov 4).

Guan Eng who shared video evidence of Siti Mastura making these unfounded claims had on Tuesday (Nov 7) given the Penang PAS women wing’s deputy chief 48 hours to produce evidence or face adverse consequences (the deadline lapses today).

The first-term PAS lawmaker’s flawed reasoning has been ridiculed online with @RajaMohdSharim posting on X (formerly Twitter): “Are Siti Kasim and Siti Mastura cousins? Surely not wrong to ask?”

The post ridicules Siti’s flawed logic by linking her with PAS arch-nemesis – social activist and human rights lawyer Siti Kasim – by virtue of having same first name. The post has garnered more than 200,000 views at the time of writing while having generated many humorous comments.

“Maybe if Siti Nurhaliza, she will immediately concur without shame or remorse,” smirked netizen @deneladammr, referring to the popular singer famed for her beauty.

“This gal must be a robot that got programmed,” chimed @xyckull, echoing the disbelief of many netizens over Siti Mastura’s remarks.

Netizen @OrangMalaysia4 sarcastically claimed it was possible as they both Siti Mastura and Siti Kasim seem to share same nose shape. Quite a few users noted that they hoped Siti Mastura gets sued by the Lims for her fitnah.

It is sad indeed to think that Siti Mastura is a scholar yet the Universiti Sains Malaysia Islamic Management and Development Ph.D holder resorted to such low-blow attack on her political rivals with baseless/unfounded claims.

Source: Wikipedia

She incredibly brought back to mind Associate Prof Rusnah Aluai’s (PKR MP for Tangga Batu) sensationalist claim in the Dewan Rakyat in 2021 that drinking the Timah brand of whiskey was akin to “drinking a Malay lady”.

The supposedly LL.M holder from the London’s School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK had to quickly backtrack when netizens ridiculed her for making such an idiotic statement.

One netizen memorably claimed he felt he had just eaten a Malay man after consuming Ramly burger to underline the sheer idiocy of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) rep’s statement.

It baffles the mind indeed that educated intelligentsia had to resort to such undermining tactics which in itself is a damning indictment of the state of politics in Malaysia.

Thank goodness for netizens’ razor-sharp wit for highlighting the error of their ways. – Nov 9, 2023

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