Netizens praise Malay Muslim man for feeding stray dogs

A VIDEO of a Malay Muslim man preparing food for stray dogs in his neighbourhood has gone viral with over a million views whilst earning the kind-hearted soul plenty of praise from netizens.

The video posted on current affairs Facebook site Getaran shows the man patiently preparing bread slices for numerous stray dogs. Judging from the canines’ expectant reactions, it appears the man has been doing this for some time.

At no point in the short clip does the man touch the animals but his care and love for the creatures is obvious to all to see.

These are just a small sample of comments accompanying the post:

Quite a few also pointed out that the man was not just throwing scraps at the strays but that he took the trouble to coat each slice of bread with margarine!

The hundreds of well-wishers also highlighted that the man in showing such kindness to the animals was a true role model for all.

The generosity of spirit and sincerity of this man’s actions is definitely a heart-warming change from the usual tales of animal cruelty where stray dogs are abused or poisoned and generally treated as a menace and pest.

Syabas . . . And yes, may God bless you for your kindness. – Jan 1, 2024

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